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Some cylinder heads are quite durable, but others are disappointingly fragile. The sheer number of cylinder heads we deal with creates an extensive knowledge base over time, and we have learned that many factory cylinder heads have inherent weak points. In most cases we are able to “beef up” the head by welding up thin areas and relieving metal prone to fatigue to prevent cracking.

Allied Motor Parts sells gaskets!

All of our Cylinder Heads Are:

Cleaned, checked and repaired where needed
Pressure tested to 60 psi to insure a quality repair
Machined to “like-new”
Assembled to manufacturer specs
Triple angle valve work
Vacuum tested to insure valve sealing

Our pride is your best insurance in receiving the quality you expect.

Cylinder Heads Cores

Allied Motor Parts has over 150 years of experience of remanufacturing automotive and light truck cylinder heads. Within our 25,000sf plant located just south of Atlanta, we have a large selection of cylinder heads to cover most all makes and models. We also have custom building for any obsolete or late model cylinder head that you may have problems locating.

The machinists at Allied Motor Parts specialize in remanufacturing cylinder heads. They can offer most any cylinder head foreign or domestic at very competitive prices.

Every cylinder head goes through detailed cleaning, machining and expert reassembly before being thoroughly tested. All of our cylinder heads are assembled to OEM specifications or better to guarantee your satisfaction.

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